So This is Love…

Love is a Beautiful thing. You know it’s True Love when you can experience braces together, bad haircuts together, different jobs. weight loss, weight gain, Being there for each other during your worst & Celebrating together in your best. It requires 24 hours, 7 days a week, Including Holidays! But the perk is, you’ll be working with your Best Friend for Life! Marriage is not always a Honeymoon & it’s in those difficult moments you are reminded why you fell in love & you begin to look at each other through different eyes. Your relationship becomes stronger & you realize that together, there is nothing you can’t go through.

This is my Husband Jose. My Best Friend for Life. We have been together for 16 years & we still have Forever to Go. Our Marriage is a Beautiful One, not because it’s Perfect, in fact it’s quite the opposite & that’s why we call it True Love. I mean we vowed it to each other the day of our Wedding “For Richer or Poorer Through Good Times & in Bad, Through Sickness & In Health,” etc. Let me tell you, we’ve been through those roads many times & we continue to go through them but here we are, By the Grace of God… still together. It’s Amazing how God Designed it.

What’s Our secret? Can I be honest? PRAYER, PATIENCE & JESUS. Seriously! My Prayer every morning is “Lord, Help me to See & Love My Husband the way YOU do”. Do we drive each other crazy? Yes. Do we at times want to give each other a piece of our minds? Absolutely! That’s why I have to pray every morning over our Marriage. It’s just so much easier doing it God’s way. We never stop Pursuing each other. We still have our Date Nights & also, our favorite is Laughter. Ahh! Laughter is Key! I’ve never met anyone that can make me cry my fake eyelashes off! I love that about us. Marriage is a Crazy, Fun, Scary, Exciting, Ride. That’s why it’s Beautiful.

“So this is Love Mmmmmm… So This is Love. So this is what makes Life Divine” – Cinderella

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