My Adventure Begins

So I finally entered into the World of “Blogging”. And can I just be honest & say I am just a little lost?! But I felt the fear & went for it & here I am. (Check me out! I’m doing Big Girl things!!) Allow me to introduce myself, My Name is Natalie but I love when people call me Nat. I am 33 years old, Happily Married & A Brand New Mama to a Beautiful Baby Girl we named Cora. We are Lovers of Jesus & Anything Disney is kind of Our Obsession. I am still learning the Role of A Wife, But we have been together for 16 years now, so I’m doing something right. I am also Enjoying this Crazy Rollercoaster called Motherhood!

I always wanted to start a Blog but I didn’t know where to start. Writing has been a Big Passion of mine. I was that girl that carried a Diary/Journal and write about everything & anything. And not to toot my Own Horn but Family & Friends tell me I have a gift with words. “What would I write about” is what I would constantly ask myself & that’s just the Beauty of having your own Blog, You can write about anything. Encouragement, Faith, Motherhood, Fashion, Disneyland… Pretty much anything that makes me Happy is what I would love to share with You.

Here is what you need to know, I run on Coffee, Mascara, Chapstick on the daily. But before anything else, Prayer & My Bible is what really keeps me going. I am pretty active when it comes to Social Media. I have the Basics… you know, Facebook, Instagram & All I Do is photograph Cora & share her with the world. She has completely taken over my page & I’m perfectly okay with that. I’d like To share my Journey of Pregnancy & Motherhood on here, in hopes to Encourage Women who are trying to get pregnant, who currently are pregnant, and for New Mommies. I’ve only been a Mom for 3 months but God allowed me to go through a Long Journey that I would love to share, in hopes it will help someone out there. My Life isn’t perfect. Neither is my Marriage. Being a Mom is the hardest job I think I’ll ever have but God thinks I am more than qualified for it. Life isn’t Easy Peezy & that’s what makes it a Beautiful One. Welcome to my Happily Ever After Friends. Looking forward to Connect with Friends & Make some New ones.



“Have Faith in Your Dreams & Someday, your Rainbow Will Come Smiling Through”

– Cinderella

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